Entertainment & Events

We offer versatile email marketing solutions to help you easily create effective, personalized, and highly-targeted email campaigns.

Whether you're a promoting a new nightclub, music release, CDs, DVDS, merchandise, upcoming concert, conference or tradeshow; email has become the best way to reach the right people with your message at the right time.

Cultivating sustainable long-term relationships and a loyal high value customer is imperative in today’s evolving entertainment climate. Email marketing enables you to cost-effectively communicate with a targeted audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant. More importantly, the viral aspect of email alone will help you boost attendance by creating a buzz for your event, promotion or conference.

These campaigns will allow you to capture data to establish trends and interests for future tailored direct marketing.

Email Marketing for Entertainment & Events:

  • Announce advance tickets sales and special offers
  • Increase event participation with targeted communications
  • Nurture relationships with automated campaigns
  • Inform customers and prospects of upcoming events
  • Schedule event reminders and follow up surveys
  • Manage and organize your customer database
  • Grow your email list and increase attendance


  • Less costly compared to traditional advertising media
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary
  • More personalized and relevant content; more targeted audience
  • More accurate as it can be updated timely with minimal effort and cost
  • Easier to collect data and track customer information

A Typical Entertainment Application

Target Your Audience:

  • Identify target audiences and build dynamic triggered segments and content blocks. You also plan for sequential mailings, auto-response mailings, and scheduled mailings reminding audience members about your events.
  • Segment your audience by life stage; region; favorite shows, music, bands, festivals; hobbies, and other attributes.

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